ACAS v3.101 Released!

This version is just the Mac Fix. I advise Windows users to update anyway (You can keep the preferences from the old version)

- Fixed the problem for Mac, possibly faster for Windows.

I want to thank TMG Leader for helping me find out what was causing this problem (as I don't own a Mac). Thanks!
Posted at: 26th February 2008 14:33 GMT

ACAS v3.100 released for the public!

Finally! Took longer than expected, but here it is.
There were no changes from the Release Candidate version.

About open-sourcedness:
As with ACASv2, I've decided to release the GUI closed-sourced and the rest open-sourced. This was done in order to help keep the script more secure from any possible (but very improbable) bug left in it, even after half an year of testing. I hope you understand this decision.

As always, as soon as you have found any bug (or possible bug) report it to me. If you have Error-logging active and anything gets logged that isn't expected (including detected Hacking Attempts), please PM me through PTT2.
Remember that something logged as a 'Possible Hacking Attempt' does not obligatory mean that that person is hacking. It might simply be a bug.

Thank you for all your patience, and enjoy!
Posted at: 17th February 2008 20:35GMT

Release Candidate (v3.1) released!

This release is beta-testers only.
If no one notices any problems by the end of today (or tomorrow if I don't have time) I'll release it publicly.

- Definitive fix for the bug reported earlier. (old fix didn't work...)
- Better memory management: If you are hosting using the "create-button" and quit the server, all server-side variables created by ACAS will be deleted.
- Fixed /healall - was only healing bots.

Have fun!
Posted at: 24th November 2007 15:34 GMT

Version 3.053 Released!

- I think I've fixed the bug I told you about in the latest post - haven't been able to reproduce it
- Changed the script that hooks into the server create buttons into a cleaner faster one.
- Made the update system less intrusive: It'll warn you only once per time you run TT (unlike older versions where it'd warn you multiple times)

After extracting over the last one, delete the file named "createButtonHook.cs.dso" from the folder (optional)

Have fun!
Posted at: 19th November 2007 17:09GTM

Version 3.052 released!

I've released a new version with a small fix:
- Fixed the chat("MESSAGE"); console function.

There is a bug still there that I haven't been able to fix yet but it should be very rare, but it can be reproduced more or less like this (not exactly):
- When you open the ACASv3 Window, then exit the server, try to open the window, then go back to your server, the window will think you're an admin and will still show all the codes it did last time. You will not be able to use any tough, due to server-sided protection.

I hope I'll fix it soon, whenever I have time.
The release is close to coming out! Once I fix this remaining bug (and any that is found) it'll be released :)

Well, have fun!
Posted at: 8th November 2007 14:29 GMT

AdminTank and Jeep ExtraCode Fix!

This time it's not the Admin Script itself, but an add-on. It had a few bugs that are fixed.

- Made /admt show in the GUI - Fixed error that made /jeep do the same as /admjeep
Posted at: 20th October 2007 0:06 GMT

First Extra Code Released!

I've released the first Extra Code!
Remember it's also in BETA state ;)

Lets you use the Admin Tank and the Jeep like ACASv2 did!
Go download it through the menu... AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS!

Have fun!
Posted at: 17th October 2007 15:38 GMT

ACASv3 3.051 Released!

Due to two small screw-ups from me, I've had to re-update the script.

Anyhow, here's the change log:
- Fixed problem where if you logged out and had used the GUI in less than 15 seconds before opening it again, it'd still show you as logged in and think you're an admin. You'd than get an error code stating a possible hacking attempt (logged server-side) if you tried to use any code.
- Fixed problem with the new option in the GUI where even if it was turned on the GUI would show it as turned off upon opening.

So yeah, have fun... Again.
Posted at: 15th October 2007 19:42 GMT

ACAS v3.05 Released!

And yet another update. This one gave a lot of trouble and private messages with Repent.
Anyhow... You'll have to reset your prefsGui.cs file but you can keep the other 4 Preferences files.

- Fixed Bug where the Team Scores didn't reset when the game ended, and only when the server was shutdown.
- Fixed Bug with the 5/15 Second timeout for Updating the GUI where it wouldn't have effect sometimes (rarely).
- Fixed Bug where the server sent the client some data twice instead of once. This also equals less lag.
- Fixed bug where typing "users();" into the console would ALWAYS say people weren't an admin, even tough they might have been.
- Added a "/logout" code and made the "Login" button change to a "Logout" button in case you're logged in.
- Added a new preference. Let's you say whether you want Non-Admins (Group #0) to be able to use the GUI or can only see the Login GUI.

And then there are the usual small (very small) fixes and tweaks that you probably won't notice but I would...

Have fun testing!
Posted at: 14th October 1:05AM GMT

ACAS v3.043 Released!

There's a new version out!
Not much new, apart from one or two bug fixes and a new addition.
-Added a warning in case you exit the Options GUI without saving any changes (if you made changes that is)
-Removed some annoying debug code that kept printing a line of code to the console whenever someone joined
-Fixed a problem that made the ErrorLog not log some errors regarding the Options GUI

Have fun!
Posted at: 3rd October 2007 21:32 GMT

Version 3.042 released

In the first few hours of beta released, one of the testers already found a few bugs... And they're fixed.
- Fixed Silence All Code
- Made Admins be able to talk during Silence All
- Fixed Silence Code
- Fixed Get Position Code
- Fixed Password changing through GUI
- Added a permission to the All-Powers Admin Group I had forgotten to before for the Unlock Server Code

Happy testing!
Posted at: 29th September 2007 18:29 GMT

ACASv3 Beta has started!

Anyone that has been chosen for the test should receive their username/password through PTT2.
Posted at: 29th September 2007 15:16 GMT

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