NOTE: As stated in the Downloads page, ACASv3 will not work on Macs that do NOT have the latest Thinktanks version!
NOTE 2: If you use Linux, the script will not work correctly if you run the server and/or the client with the "-nohomedir" argument!

1. Starting Out
After downloading the script, you need to extract it using Winzip or another *.zip extractor.
Extract it into the folder (inside your Thinktanks folder) called "game/server/Admin Script" (without the quotes, and you may need to create them if they don't exist)
Once you do, it'll look more or less like this (On Windows XP):

Click the image for a bigger view

In case it looks completely different, try to extract the file again or redownload.
If not, continue.

2. Executing the Script
If you go back to the main ThinkTanks folder you'll find a file called "main.cs" (you might not see the ".cs")
Open that file with a Text Editor like Notepad on windows and scroll to the bottom.
Add this line to the end of the file:

You should now be able to use the script. Start ThinkTanks and see if it runs, and if so, check if there is a new Button "ACAS" in the options like the image shows:

Click the image for a bigger view

3. Configuring the Script
Click the ACAS button in the game and configure the script. Don't forget to click the "Save" Button!
It's fairly easy to get the script running now.

Important Note: You might notice you can't completely remove all the characters of the Admin Groups password box and of the allowed User Names. The same happens with the Admin Group Names, but these are disguised so you won't notice it (It will not apply the change if the box has 0 characters). This is due to limitations in the script, so you have to remove all but the first character and write the name/password after it. After doing so, go back and remove the first character you didn't remove earlier.

Note 2: After using the options you SHOULD restart TT before playing/hosting to remove the Options GUI from memory.

4. Testing
Simply run your server and test a few codes and the GUI by pressing the key you set before while configuring the script.
If something doesn't work, try repeating the configuration or even the installation itself.
If it still doesn't work... PM me in PlanetThinkTanks2 (My name is "ArtCrazy" of course)
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